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For the first time there were “Star Wars” in the correct version [torrent]

Released online the most authentic version of the original “Star Wars” 1977.

This is the first digital restoration of the film , made ​​on the basis of a single copy of Star Wars in 35 mm format. Earlier, George Lucas stated that destroyed all of the original film negatives , and declared it a special edition of the only correct version.Now enthusiasts from Team Negative One was found and scanned copy of a very high quality.

No Jabba. No Han and Greedo shooting each other at once. No dinosaurs in the background . No ridiculous subtitle A New Hope titled film . Simply the only part of Star Wars, which can be called a real movie, presented in a single variant in which it is worth watching.

How to Find and Download the Despecialized Edition

harmysw by ripplin d46rlo0 For the first time there were Star Wars in the correct version [torrent]

Since this is an unofficial community project, the only way you can get it is…well, “unofficially”. The legality of this project is up in the air, and while some have made a Fair Use argument in the name of preservation, Harmy doesn’t offer the movie as a simple one-click download. You’ll have to do a bit of legwork to download and watch it. The creators also request that you legally own a copy of the Star Wars Blu-Rays, so that even if you aren’t on the most solid legal ground, you’re on solid moral ground.

Facebook profile here is the most “official” place to download the Despecialized Edition, though obtaining it can be a fairly complex process using a download manager (like FreeRapid Downloader or JDownloader). I have not been able to get this method to work properly (it reports most of the download links as dead), so while you can try it using these instructions, know that you may not have very much luck.


Harmy’s Star Wars A New Hope Despecialized Edition Remastered V2.5 Mkv (Size: 17.9 Gb)
Harmy’s The Empire Strikes Back — Despecialized Edition V2.0
Harmy’s Return of the Jedi — Despecialized Edition Remastered (v2.5) MKV

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