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The most famous tees in film history

Turns out tees are not just a comfy everyday clothing option loved by young and old…they’re movie stars!

We got to thinking about tees that have become famous thanks to the movies they appeared in because, you know, we’re surrounded by tees all day and we think they deserve some recognition too. So, after asking around the office we’ve rustled up a collection of the Top Tee Moments from Hollywood’s heyday hits to the box office bombs that we loved anyway:


Streetcar The most famous tees in film history

Before Streetcar came out tees were really only seen worn outside by World War II vets or farmers during the Great Depression but in general they were considered undergarments and you really weren’t supposed to wear them out (how embarrassing!). And then Marlon Brando and his fitted tee (which he had to be sewn into during filming) changed everything! Suddenly tees were actually fashionable!


Napoleon The most famous tees in film history

The shirt that pretty much represented a whole movie; it was worn during one the of the most iconic scenes and then by basically everyone who saw the movie…

Time for a refresher course:

NapoleonDance The most famous tees in film history


Rebel The most famous tees in film history
The classic tee to end all classic tees! James Dean made the tight white tee the cool trend for a whole generation in the 1950s; white t-shirt sales were said to have gone nuts after the film was released. Jeans, a red jacket and a white tee – possibly the most iconic combo in film history and a look that became a trademark for rebels with or without causes.


Muriel The most famous tees in film history
Even if he did lose…it’s definitely a great talking point for dinner table conversations because, YOU CAN’T STOP PROGRESS! Anyway, he’s glad he didn’t get in. He can do more for this place at a grassroots level; high-rise, malls, resorts…Porpoise Spit Council believes in progress!


Smiley The most famous tees in film history
The scene where Forrest Gump rubs his face on the tee and the dirt stain magically comes out smiley is, of course, when the Smiley Face tee was invented. Yeah…not really. The actual tee was designed by Harvey Ball and then in the 1970s became a symbol for peace and just ‘Having a Happy Day’.


Pulp The most famous tees in film history
Jimmy gives Vincent and Jules a couple of old tees once they’ve been hosed down after the…accident. An iconic scene in cinema history is born. Fun fact: turns out the tee that Travolta gets has the logo for the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs, which is from a real team who really have the banana slug as their official mascot. Huh. The more you know…


Police The most famous tees in film history

This is a guy who has been given the ultimatum to either join the police force or be locked up. And what does he rock up in on his first day at Police Academy?!

A sleeveless cut-off novelty tee, of course! A true professional all the way.


FLASH The most famous tees in film history

A movie that did terribly at the box office but then went on to become a cult classic; mostly thanks to how hilariously bad hammy the acting is and the fact that it was soundtracked by Queen. Ah, the plain white tee with ‘FLASH’ written across it, the perfect ‘Earth clothes’ to wear while saving Earth from the evil Emperor Ming. Good one, FLASH AHAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! SAVIOUROFTHEUNIVERSE!


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