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about us About us

Our passion for Star Wars has a long history. It lasts for more 20 years. We’re big fans of Star Wars! Because the Star Wars Universe death star 128 About us has a deep mythology and background, created by George Lucas a long time ago 70s.

Love for t-shirts — universal clothes — also appeared for a long time.
T-shirts are practical, T-shirts can not be ironed, they are cheap and can be changed every day.

And what could be better than to wear a T-shirt with a favorite theme?
T-shirt with Star Warsdarth vader 128 About us!

We are a small design-company, whose production of T-shirts, together with ThePrintful, located in Los Angeles.

Usually, we create and develop web-sites and startups, and creation of T-shirts and wearing them – our hobby.

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